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Why is the ramp situated on the offside?

The ramp is situated on the offside so that the handler remains between the horse and the exit whilst the horse is being secured. This reduced the risk of being trapped in a confined area by an excitable horse. Also, the horse is being lead from its nearside which most horses are more accustomed to, so this gives the horse more confidence when loading.

How will the side-ramp make loading my horse easier and safer?

The low wide ramp provides easier and safer loading as the horse is encouraged to enter a light spacious area with less feeling of confinement.

Unloading is made easier because the horse exits the trailer by walking forwards down the wide ramp, eliminating the need to turn in a tight space or go backwards.

How does the unique design of the Equi-Trek benefit my horse?

The innovative patented design achieves the greatest internal width for the benefit of your horse whilst keeping the external dimensions less than most other trailers for ease of towing. The horse area is completely enclosed to protect horses from traffic and wind noise. This reduces stress and creates a greater feeling of safety for the horse.

What type of suspension is offered by the trailer chassis?

Suspension is very important and even more so when carrying livestock. The independent swinging arm suspension on Equi-Trek trailers was specifically selected for its smooth and quiet ride quality as well as its exceptional stability. The modern type of suspension is far more advanced in terms of ride quality and noise suppression than the old fashioned leaf spring system. To complement our suspension system we use low profile tyres which help to reduce flex in the tyre walls and therefore the inclination for the body to sway. Each wheel has an individual brake to provide powerful control of the trailer as well as incorporating an automatic reverse feature which improves safety and ride quality even further.

What is the floor made of?

The horse stands on heavy duty shock absorbing rubber which is laid over a strong aluminium planked floor with adequate drainage.

Can I adjust the partition?

The partition is fully adjustable and can be easily altered to accommodate different sized horses and can be perfectly positioned for your horses comfort. Each trailer has the added benefit of a full width padded breast bar.

What can my car tow?

Use Parkers reviews to find a cars towing weight.